Friday, August 12, 2016

Kioni"Popcorn" Marshall

                 Kioni"Popcorn" Marshall

     The Greatest Poet You've Never Heard (Is 12 Yrs Old)

Dec 19, 2012
12-year-old Kioni "Popcorn" Marshall has been writing poetry since the age of

five and performing at NYC venues since she was nine. In October, she was

invited to perform at New York's storied poetry mecca, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

     Bronx 6th Grader Wows NYC Poetry Scene

Dec 19, 2012
Meet Kioni "Popcorn" Marshall, an extraordinary 12-year-old poet from the
Bronx. Despite her age, Kioni has earned the respect and admiration of the NYC
poetry community by developing her own unique voice and bravely exploring
mature themes like alienation, abandonment, loneliness, and abuse. Follow
Kioni's emotional journey as she prepares for her first featured performance at

New York's famed Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

     Prodigy Poet Meets Her Idol

Apr 3, 2013
12-year-old prodigy poet Kioni "Popcorn" Marshall meets her idol and poet Poetic Asassin. Watch as they share their poetry and talk about everything from finding a voice to performance nerves to growing up.

PRODIGIES is a bi-weekly series showcasing the youngest, brightest, most talented phenoms from across the globe as they challenge themselves to reach new heights and the stories behind them.

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