Friday, August 15, 2014

Is It YOU ?

                 Is It YOU ?

There are times when I need someone to hold me and love me so very bad!!! .....  But it has never been right ,never felt right,never seemed right.
People in my life have always looked to me to be strong,
positive,uplifting,emotionally supportive. They come to me for
answers to imposible life questions and I am expected to have
answers........ I try!!

I have been a comforter to others,Yet I remain in need of comforting.
I have never had anyone I felt I could turn to,release my insides to
for just a little while........ I have tried.... ,but the vacant looks back at me or the changing of the subject to something else lets you know.

I spend my down time with myself.......... till I pull myself back up.
So far I always make it back,but it would feel so good to have
someone........ Someone who felt me sliping and would come and comfort me with love , affection , and caring..

 Is it YOU ?  Is it YOU ?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rest in peace

By Alvin L. A. Horn
Rest in peace to, the next lightning strike of the murder of a Black male
Rest in peace to, the next young black male, father, uncle, and grandfather, the kid next door, who is or was on his way to higher learning
Rest in peace to the next black male going under Six Feet

Rest in peace to, all the black lawyers who used to represent our hoods, and used to attempt to protect us within this tilted legal system but now you do corporate law
Hey Black lawyer yeah abandoned us to make mo-money and that's all well and fine, I get it, I want to make a dollar too, but rest in peace to giving a damn at all

Rest in peace to those preachers standing in the pulpit collecting money from women who sons are now buried or soon to be shot or strangled or beat
Rest in peace to, the preachers who are not standing up in the community and all you have to say is "let's pray" and won't get out of your black SUV's and get on the corner with other black preachers like Martin did, like Malcolm did

Rest in peace to "by any means necessary"

Rest in peace to, whatever happened to the Black Panthers who used to feed us and protect us and would go get a gun permit, and go out in our communities to protect us from the thugs who look like us, and from the thugs who wear blue uniforms

Rest in peace for what used to be black leaders and black politicians whose number one priority was protecting us, now those black politicians all stand up and say they are behind Israel beating down other brown people with less then
Rest in peace to, they represent us, in rest in peaceful trains of thought
Rest in peace because for sure you haven't heard of a black politicians speaking up about all the black men being killed by thugs in uniforms who are paid with our tax dollars, yeah how do you rest in peace

Rest in peace to, those who try to deflect with black on black crime stats as being the same as trained legal thugs with badges killing us
Rest in peace; white folks kill each other too, as cops beat the hell out of their wives, yeah check that stat
Rest in peace to the next black man who has been killed by the police, and we scream bloody murder, and sue for money to buy bigger rims

Rest in peace to, I'm tired and dazed and confused, as there are those who say it not a racial thing
Rest in peace that if they knew American history, they could see the police are “hanging strange fruit”
Rest in peace, if you don't know what that means, and you don't find out before your black male becomes “strange fruit”

R.I.P as we need a rainbow of promise not broken to keep our black males alive

Monday, August 11, 2014

We Are Gaza. Look Into Our Eyes.

                We Are Gaza. Look Into Our Eyes.

Published on Aug 8, 2014
(watch the full interview with Kash here:

White phosphorus burning meat off the civilian bones, burning the single moms hopes of peace, chemical gas greeting the dusty morning sunshine, shelling orchestrating a symphony of death, breath by breath, the long forgotten dream of survival awakens the nightmare of Israel’s arrival, Airstrikes, ground invasion, the rape and theft of an entire nation,

Media, money, and mendacity corroding the remains of a heart sold to the musings of Zionist colonial congregation, the truth locked behind the delusion of defense, the a victimizing story lying about Zionist glory….

return the military funding and start the next chapter of your story, the blood NEVER washes off but your comatose conscience will greet the beauty of compassion as the scars of a killer begin to close with vigor, you’ll soon walk upright evolving in the gaza sunlight

The chemicals in the water can’t be prayed away, Zionism is here to stay

White mobs in the streets, chanting death to peace, leave the defenseless Palestinians deceased, burn the olive trees, drain the pipes of hope and wash away the resistance in the streets, cut the electric lines, poison in the food supply, divide the dirt from the earth to the sky, go to sleep Miley Cyrus has a new song, the newest Iphone will sing you songs all day long, the lullaby that takes a lifetime too long,
just stay passive don’t speak of JUSTICE until dust from bombs dropped on Gaza sits

White cloth covers the corpse of a comrade called Mohammed Hussein Saeed Abu Khudair, at 16 occupying the cemetery the creation of a corrupt colonial congregation, could’ve called him my cousin, the white cloth covers his future contributions, cowards pumped gasoline in the blood stream to light his soft skin, pumped adrenaline in the veins to ensure he’s conscious and awake, while the fire on the flesh forces his fate, the smell of skin burning, the sand storm of bombs dropped on the beaches, flesh wounds, butchered pieces


Take a long look in our eyes, we are the insect in your ears, the rust upon your gears, the resistance you fear, the faith you smear, the justice you want to disappear

We are the Palestinian mothers who continue to send their children to school amidst gunfire, children they gave birth to behind a checkpoint, take a long look

We are the shame on the face of a Zionist at the point of realization, the crux of courage to refute the support of a gangster nation, take a long look

We are the tears of a father holding his mangled child in a hospital about to be set to the fire, take a long look

We are the soldier turning against his battalion, the drone operator turned freedom fighter, take a long look

We are the world knocking at your front door come outside and face the bombs you fight for, the guns your taxes afford, the death your cheering citizens SALIVATE for,

So take a long long look into our eyes, justice is frozen in time, FREE FREE PALESTINE!!

by Khashayar Nikazmrad