Saturday, October 18, 2008


wizthom collaboration with the late great poet Langston Hughes



Democracy will not come
Today, this year
Nor ever
Through compromise and fear.

I have as much right
As the other fellow has
To stand
On my two feet
And own the land.

I tire so of hearing people say,
Let things take their course.
Tomorrow is another day.
I do not need my freedom when I'm dead.
I cannot live on tomorrow's bread.

Is a strong seed
In a great need.

I live here, too.
I want freedom
Just as you.

Langston Hughes

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look obama wears no clothes ,

Lincoln freed the slaves ,
to the flow of Jim crow,
Clinton played the sax ,
some took to calling him black,

obama gave a speech .
that jump started his creed,
just another man riding the sweat ,
of my civil liberties,

this person has no history ,
for all i know he's a test tube baby,
wizthom says look!
obama wears no clothes.

his only true persona ,
is a systematic news diving media frenzy
the biggest con game,
is being played to the ignorant,
walloping in shame,

what is his name ,
from which seed he came,
wizthom says look! obama wears no clothes,peace wizthom@08


i want a black man

don't give me a colored raised white,
living on the sunny side of life,
to vote for,as away of saying ,
times have changed,

you chose him and called him a black man,
like you giving deceased blankets to the red man,
while calling it warmth
as it stands things are still the same,
once before i followed the red brick road,
being offered by this same kind of man,
who gave me this promise land
pouring muddy water on me,
while telling me it's just rain,

say that i am free tell me why ,
am i still writing systematic over tones,
such as these?..
you owe me four hundred years worth of apologies,
for my back breaking tree lynching women raping,
family separating,atrocities committed,too many,
to even mention,

you can keep that half breed,
he wasn't born black like me
i want a black man
born and raised on hardship,
who's roots can be trance ,
back to a ship,

i want a black man,
strong and proud,
in defiance he still wears the crown,
this man knows nothing of his family tree,
yet you say he's black like me,

I'm not buying it.. he has no American roots,
except wining and dinning with Chicago crooks,peace wizthom@08


Thursday, October 16, 2008


bail out bail out ,
I'm not talking bout no air plane,
folks i tell you it's insane
chines are wary of spending their money on wall street,

bail out,bail out,
investors on the ledge ,
with worsening news,
they creep further to the edge,
feeling the blues losing their heads,

stock brokers credit holders,
all are paying long over do dues
from swindling money from folks like me and you.

shipping jobs over seas selling trade secretes to the chines,
buying foreign made goods ,
i hope you understand what is now understood
nuff blame to go around,
on the U.S.currence other nation frown,
euro must be throwing a party ,
at watching the Almighty dollar holler,

bail out,bail out it's name of the song
the rich need someone to pay the band,
so they can continue to dance ,
to that same worn out tune rent to own,

he who has the gold rules the borrowed ,
what does this speak of our tomorrow,
with no jobs ,how can we buy,

bail out,bail out,

if the glove don't fit you must acquit ,
o.j .Simpson found guilty on all thirteen counts,
look like poetic justice has righted the wrong,
bailout bail out, bail out bail out
judge denied,
looking at prison for the rest of his life,

bail out bail out,
what will will you do,
when once again ,
they have pulled the wool over you

shake shake it off

shake shake shake it off
say your husband has left you for another man,
coming out was his plan
shake shake,shake,shake it off,

your girl friend has join this club
man bashing pussy eating ,
called woman to woman,
she no-longer needs a man
shake ,shake, shake it off

wall street has stole all your money,
house is in for closure,
every thing it seems you have lived and worked so hard for,
is being thrown over board ,,feeling like you just can't take no-more,
shake,shake,shake it off,

killing drugging runaway mugging,
thugging ,no one is worth trusting ,
all this crime corruption is enough to fill a ocean,
making you feel like you walking into the abyss ,
of a black whole down and out like a festering sore,
shake,shake shake it off,

no respect for life ,
partial abortion kill that baby it's still alive ,
it's driving you insane stone crazy out your mind,
people still we must endure,
keep the faith soon all will be understood,
shake shake,shake it off,
we must keep pressing on,
despite all that's wrong,

shake it off
think you had a hellicious summer,
dealing with the force em blows of nature
get ready for the winter storms ,
they are coming with a vengeance unequal,

shake it off shake it off,
love must survive at all cost,
on the news beach blond with a gleam in her eyes,
tells a story of a train wreck,
pent up emotions needs an outlet,
shake,shake shake it off,

lost your job still they raise your taxes,
china want lend us no money,
to save our failing economy,
shake shake shake it off,
lord have mercy all that i said is true,
it is up to you,,peace wizthom@08


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the death of an nation

Date: Oct 12, 2008 7:29 PM

USA Pictures, Images and Photos

the death of an nation

as my generation starts to fade ,
as all the hero's go the way ,
of the Gods.
through the haze ,
I bare witness to
the death of a nation
doan Pictures, Images and Photos
i see a presidency being brought and sold,
the people being brain washed by tons of bull,
they want change but they don't know what the hell,
they are voting for,the issues most have not a clue
promises a plenty not enough on issues,

is it just me or are they just desperate,
for none assistant answers,
they believe anything,
right before their eyes ,
up in smoke goes the American dream,
the death of a nation,
oh God i am baring witness,
to the death of a nation.

scared tactics wrapped in rhetoric ,
tramping, raging politics ,
taxation with emendation ,
government says it's good for the nation,
700-billion bail out,

welfare will be no more,
there will be no-more programs to cut
while lobbyist work their own agenda,
people govern by the people ,
are just words from a bygone area
i hope you are ready for a new world order,
little signs are not so distant,

poor folks being evicted,
cause the landlords failed to pay their mortgages ,
better start building more shelters for the homeless,
can't find a job cause wal-mart buys all it merchandise from china ,
yes we the consumer will pay the price for convenience ,
USA Pictures, Images and Photos
stop wishing the jobs will come back,
cause we are knee deep in debt,
to the chines ,
it is a well known fact,
he who holds the gold makes slaves of the borrowers
there's a upside with out jobs ,
how can we repay them basters,

euro day has come as the currency will convert,
surely as the u.s, dollar loses it's luster,
to foreign investors,
yeah my friends you to,
will bare witness to the death of a nation,

times are ever so ripe for the anti Christ,
i see him but God forbids me from intervening,
i just hope you are ready for a new world order,
step right up get your mark 666,
for you want be able to sell or buy without it,

just like me you will bare witness,
to the death of a nation,
God help us,may God have mercy on us,
cause u will see that the dark one wont,
nation of death Pictures, Images and Photos
we got a price to pay for not sharing in loving ways,
our greed malice and hate has finally come home to roost,
nothing we can do to give a economy a boost,
will help.. we must play the hand that was dealt,
we must bare witness to the death of a nation,,peace wisemanspeeks aka wizthom


Monday, October 13, 2008

That One!!!!!

I am proud to see “That One” go to the White House!

That One!!!!!

McCain called him 'that one', did he mean that one black',
Well, 'that one' will be the President and THAT is just a fact.
For years we have been 'that one' - that one to work and slave-
That one to build a nation, to work from birth to the grave.

That one made the inventions, that we must use each day,
That one sang the slave songs, that one kneeled down to pray.
That one was put on auction blocks, stripped of dignity and clothes,
That one lost his identity had suffered the greatest woes.

McCain must remember that 'THAT ONE' has always been last,
And this thing is coming to an end, and time is passing fast.
'THAT ONE' will live in the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue-
Standing as a great statesman, doing what President do.

McCain couldn't remember the name Barack? Bet he remembers his face
'That One'- so tall and brave- 'That One' of the ebon race!
There's no need to take it back, it's been said, just ask Imus,
Guess we'll go on being 'That One', so cut out all your fuss!

Take it and shake it, we have over come, and you can't put us down,
Before we'll just be 'That One', we'll be buried in the ground!

Charles K. Chiplin,
Mississippi author and poet, Professor of English JSU