Sunday, March 29, 2009

GOD is With the Living

GOD is With the Living

One day the controller of death came to me,
He said Wizthom look at this!
What he showed me,
Would have made a fool break down,
And cry,

Worst yet lose his religion,
Yes faith in GOD,
What that none person showed me,
Was a world full of death smoking ruins,

He spoke,

Where was your GOD,
When this was happening,
I looked him straight into those lifeless eyes,

(Said), GOD was with me,
GOD is with the living,
And what you are showing me,
Are shells of what used to be,
Much like a snake shedding its skin,
A butterfly leaven it's cocoon,

My GOD shelters life,
My GOD is life,

All this madness,
That breeds sadness,
GOD has nothing to do with it,

Hell is a place where one is vanished from GODS sight,
You ask what you already know,
GOD is not here,

But here you will remain,
Now I must go to dwell among the living.
peace wisemanspeeks@protected aka wizthom

we all will suffer for what evil does

we all will suffer for what evil does

i can remember the time when Jesus my self and the twelve disciple's
were gather on a mountain top,
we ran into a man a pig herder processed with many demons,
as he ran up to Jesus stating i am a tormented soul,
i have many personalities and none of them are me,
i have no control over who i am anymore,

Jesus looked at the man and said i command you ,
to tell me who you are,,
one by one the demons came forth ,

telling Jesus their names,who they serve,
pleading with Jesus not to destroy them,
then Jesus looked at the pigs the man was tending,
and commanded them to flee into a pig,

which they all did,
and then Jesus commanded them to all,
jump into the sea,
which they did,,

this puzzled me at seeing Jesus cast the whole lot,
of pigs into the sea,
i than asked Jesus,
why did you cast all the pigs into the sea,
when the demons only enter one pig?,

Jesus looked at me with a smile and said wizthom,
i forgot which pig they fled into,
therefore i doomed them all.. ,,

at that point i fell on the ground with laughter,
for within a miracle he still taught lessons,
that he to was human ,

of course it took a moment for the disciples to understand,
but when they did they to fell out with laughter,
and that lesson still holds true today,,

all will suffer for the wrongs evil does,,
one way shape or form,,
,peace wisemanspeeks!@protected aka wizthom