Sunday, October 8, 2017

the hallways of my mind

     the hallways of my mind

aka wizthom

i love the hallways of my mind
the footsteps of my life,
in the sands of time ,
that i have made,
the lessons i learned,
bridges i burned,
mistakes along the way,
are all the reason for me,
being the man i am today,
oh yea,no regrets,
i would not change a thing,
look i can still dream,
how many can say,
in the face of reality ,
they can still dream,
i dream in color,
i can still love,
you can't say i don't know pain,
you can't say I'm a stranger to change,
walk with me Thu the hallways of my mind,
and see just where i been in my life and times,
this door leads to all the loves I've known,
for whatever reasons,
like old cloths i put away and moved on.
this door is my favorite i come here often,
to reminisce on the good times I've shared,
there are so many fond memories here,
almost too many for one man to bare,
i love the hallways of my mind,
i find peace and solace,in my solitude,
so much it will amaze you,
why in my life there is so much truth,
ooo woe this door with all the pad locks,
boarded up with the cross bones and skull,
bold red letter stating do not enter,
has all my tears and fears,
things that almost destroyed me,
holds the times In my life ,
when i was strife filled,
crawling up hill , like old wounds,
i dare not open,
come on lets keep walking.
lets let this door be,
i see no reason to sermon those ghost,
back to haunt me,,,
true this door holds purpose,
just to prove to you,
my life hasn't always been perfect,
while striving for perfection,
i learned the hard way,
the ways of devotion and dedication,
these corridors are the very essence of me,
the good the bad,the bitter,the sweet,
the beautiful,the ugly,
are all apart of me ,
here in the hallways of my mind...peace wisemanspeeks@protected aka wizthom

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