Sunday, October 8, 2017


     The Tree of Life

 aka wizthom

Why waste the rest of your life,

Blaming love ,Cause some fool,

Jerked your heart around,

Why waste so much time and thought,

Placing blame Placing fault,

Feeling shame Time to Holt,

Stop it! Right here and now,

Your life is not over,

Love is still deserving,

Pick up your pride,

Dust off your dignity,

Walk with me,Talk with me,

I'll be the wind,You be the trees,

I'll tell you secretes,You just listen,

Before you tell the masses,

Tell em love is the answer,

It’s the cure for what ills,

Like lying cheating,Deceiving,Hurting,

My friend the answers you seek,

Lye’s deep within,

From the moment you were conceived,

Love was planted within Thea,

So why waste time putting down,

Complaining bout love not being around,

Don’t be like that king,

Who searched a life time,

For the Holy Grail,

Only to realize,On his death bed,

It was within his reach,

All the time,Show some love,

Show some compassion,

Try a little tenderness,

Despite what you may receive,

Let the end justify the means,

Just wanna testify Let me clarify,

That when you look back,

On your journey,

You will see a tree standing tall,

Yes that tree will be you,

But with a new name,

You will be called the Tree of life.peace wisemanspeeks@protected aka wizthom

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